What do Brownies do?

Brownies have fun! Their meetings are full of challenges, games and activities, usually ones that the Brownies have suggested themselves. Brownies work in small groups called Sixes. This gives each girl a group of ready-made friends to take care of her. It also makes her feel that she belongs to something special. Any girl over the age of seven and under ten who wishes to can become a Brownie.

Each Brownie chooses what she wants to wear from a range of items – it is up to each girl to decide which items she likes. This choice allows Brownies to be themselves but also makes them feel part of the unit.

Throughout her time as a Brownie each girl enjoys a balanced and varied programme by taking part in the activities and adventures with her unit. When a Brownie is about nine years old, she is ready to try new and different activities and can learn about moving on to Guides.  More information can be found on the Brownies Website

In St Pancras we have 3 brownie units which all meet on Monday nights. They meet in Corams Fields, Kentish Town and Gospel Oak. To join, visit the Girlguiding Website.