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There are lots of ways for adults to help out with Girlguiding depending on the amount of time and commitment that each individual can make. Girlguiding has more than 65,000 adult Leaders and we always welcome new recruits! Volunteering is incredibly rewarding and absolutely the best fun you can have as an adult!

Every Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Ranger unit has at least one qualified Leader. Units may also be supported by additional unit leaders (known as assistants), unit helpers or occasional helpers. These are described below.

For more information about leading and adult volunteering in St Pancras Division contact us via the main Girlguiding Website. Your details will be held securely, and passed to our Division Commissioner, who will contact you within 7 to discuss opportunities, meet up, and find you a group.

Unit Leaders

Unit Leaders are women between the ages of 18 and 65. They can choose to lead:

  • Rainbows – the youngest girls aged 5 to 7,
  • Brownies – dressed in yellow & brown! Ages between 7 and 10,
  • Guides – traditionally dressed in blue and for ages from 10 up to 14,
  • Rangers – aged between 14 and 18.

When and how often units meet depend upon the commitments of participants involved. Most of the groups in St Pancras meet once a week during term time. The exception is 17th Holborn Scouts and Guides at Great Ormond Street Hospital, which meets every week throughout the year, supporting patients and their families. Because of the special nature of this unit, we ask that only volunteers with prior experience of Guiding apply to help there.

The unit Leader has overall responsibility for the unit. The unit Leader is usually supported by assistant unit Leaders. Leaders are given training both ‘on the job’ and through training sessions. Initially they gain the Girlguiding Leadership Qualification and there are further training opportunities available once qualified, in areas such as camping, holidays, narrowboating, walking, catering and so on. Leaders are supported by a mentor while training and there is a local support network.

Unit Helper

Helpers are vital to Guiding. Girlguiding has recommended ratios of adults to children, dependent on the age group, so it is vital that units have committed helpers. For example, one additional Unit Helper for a Brownie unit can mean that up to eight more girls can join. If you can help on a regular basis, once a week or fortnight, you could become a Unit Helper, assisting the unit Leader.

Parent/Occasional Helper

Many units have a rota, where a group of parents, adult family members or other adult volunteers take it in turn to help at the unit meeting. Just once or twice a term, it’s your chance to get stuck into a wide range of games and activities enjoyed by the girls.